Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (CEPC)

A Commercial EPC requires a high level of detail and therefore the assessor has to be technically qualified in order to carry out the survey.

The assessor has to identify the orientation and fabric of the building, identify each room and how it is heated or cooled. Zones have to be created to identify the thermal properties of different parts of the building.

Relevant items such as the boiler, the air conditioning system and the glazing all have to be identified and logged into specialist software.

  • An EPC is always accompanied by a recommendations report, with a list of cost-effective measures to improve the energy efficiency of the building
  • The ratings and improvements suggested in the report will help prioritise the different ways of saving energy
  • An informed assessment will always help you make a better decision
  • The result will help you plan how to accurately and efficiently manage your commercial building

Commercial Owner's Report

  • In-depth analysis of your energy consumption
  • Recommendations with long and short payback periods
  • Reports are accompanied by an EPC certificate valid for ten years
  • Power factor correction test
  • Guaranteed to save on fuel bill


Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

An EPC will give you the information you need to make your residential building more energy efficient. It provides an energy rating for a building which is based on the performance potential of the building (the fabric) and its services ( such as heating, ventilation and lighting) 

Grants are available for some of these improvements subject to an application through your Local Authority.

Home Owner's Report

  • Includes an EPC certificate valid for ten years
  • Recommendations report
  • Insulation check

Once the report has been produced, the surveyor will discuss his findings with you and go through his recommendations. He will point out the most economical way to make changes, as well as discussing the payback period.

Please note that our survey team are there to inform you, and are in no way connected to the products they might recommend.